Extreme Value

Identity Theft Solutions "ITS" protects not only you, but your entire household at NO EXTRA COST, including grown children and even your in-laws if they live under the same roof as you.  ITS will save you hundreds per year compared to other providers and also offer a 100% money back guarantee where we refund every dime you ever paid us if we fail to completely clean your credit report of all Identity Theft related accounts within 90-days if you ever become a victim. 

Exceptional Service

Identity Theft Solutions "ITS" customers actual identity theft cases are handled by Jamison Legal Group and not by some customer service rep in a foreign land like many providers.  We can't risk anything falling through the cracks given that we guarantee our work 100% and have to refund 100% of the fee if we perform anything less than exceptional and don't get everything removed that was a result of identity theft.  Your credit report will look the way it did before the theft within 90-days or we'll refund every dollar you ever paid us since day 1.  Not only that, we'll still continue to help you after the 90-days even if we had to refund your money. 

Extremely Efficient

Identity Theft Solutions "ITS" doesn't give you a ton of un-needed fluff like other providers.  We only offer you the most important part of the service you'll need if you're a victim of identity theft... We clean up your credit and remove all traces of the identity theft from your credit report within 90-days or we refund 100% of every dollar you ever paid us.  If you want credit monitoring, you can get that for free from Credit Karma; we focus on securing your good credit and refrain from packing on services most people never use anyways.  That's how we're able to offer such a low price!

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